Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Idle predictions

Time for an American Idol round-up. After several weeks of dogged watching, the show has already had its usual ousting of my favorite, this year that being Aussie hottie Michael Johns. Unlike last year though, another contender quickly emerged for me: the intriguing David Cook, resident rocker-dude and overall sweet guy who rarely disappoints. His cover version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean left me reeling, and several other performances have been really stellar.
What to make of this year's Phenomenon, D. Archuleta? As someone I know bitingly remarked, "How old is he, two?" Yes. I confess I am somewhat of an ageist and am reluctant to take seriously someone whose birth certificate says '1990.' Still, one cannot dispute that last night he was very much in form, belting out two pop-chart ready melodies with tons of soul and tween-girl-swoon-inducing earnestness. His voice? To me, it sounds like the child has a permanent cold. But then again, based on last night, he ain't leaving yet.
Poor, poor Jason Castro. Dreadlock-cutie had a horrible night and was roundly upbraided by Cowell, "utterly atrocious" being the exact words. Even permanently-pep-talk-prone Paula brushed him off, albeit using 'amazing' and 'blow me away' somewhere in there. Still, Jason's perma-stoned surfer dude grin and his dreamy blue peepers will get him a lot of votes.
And Miss Mercado? I shall call her Surprising Sy-she has really stepped out into her own of late. Plus, she's managed several fetching outfits and tastefully flashed right amounts of leg, infamously prompting Mad Dog Cowell to call her "sexy." It may be too late for this dark horse, but then she does lack something, not quite sure what it is.
So, the all too obvious prediction: Dreadlock cutie and Surprising Sy cannot both stay next week; ergo, David vs. David in the Finals.

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