Friday, May 09, 2008

'Indian films'

At the movies tonight, there was an outsize poster for Tashan- this poster was the biggest in the entire theater. Barely had I taken this in, that I ran smack-dab into a cutout of a pink-haired, pouty Priyanka Chopra with a toy rabbit attached to her head. Apparently, this, together with an expressionless male in a black catsuit by her side, signifies love in the year 2050. How did I know this? The film's title told me so: Love 2050.
Then, as I straightened up and walked on, who should I spot but Mr. Bacchan, in profile with his mouth wide open. He is the star of some film called Bhoothnath. So that made three in-your-face Hindi movie promotions in this small-size theather in suburban California.
I was impressed, I'll admit. Even if, in the billboards outside, the sign for Before the Rains was followed by 'Indian Film.'
The producers of Tashan won't be happy if they knew that, I'm willing to bet.


Ashi said...

Priyanka looks too hot in her new red haired look.
& I'm really looking forward to love story 2050…
it is bollywoods first sci-fi movie!!!
I cant wait to watch him star opposite Priyanka Chopra...
Check out the promos:

Sreedhar said...

Three reasons to watch?
1. Special Effects: Weta Workshop and John Cox
2. India's most expensive movie!
3. Bomman Irani.

Unfortunately, the bigger the film, the harder they try...and it fails.

dm said...

What about Kareena Kapoor then? I heard she is generating a lot of buzz for her new skinny look.

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