Monday, May 12, 2008

Now there are four

He goes by every evening, tall, blue-jeans, long ponytail. Behind him, in a neat line, his dogs. None of them are on leashes, and they all hop along in perfect harmony. I've taken to calling him, imaginatively, DogMan.
The smallest one is always the last. He is so small that from our kitchen window he looks more the size of a biggish rodent. There is something the matter with his legs, but nothing's the matter with his energy. He skips and hops in his own fashion, just like the others.
This little procession, as it winds its way along the pavements, by our lawn and under all the flowering trees, is enough to make the neighborhood smile.
But there used to be five.


Friend said...

Ha! This I would have liked to see :-) Especially the tiny one. Perhaps you should try making friends with him...if he doesn't try and bite your toe first.

dm said...

There is one among them who looks suspiciously like a cat-dog mix. A cog, if you will. Although it could be a dat, too.

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