Friday, June 13, 2008

Terima kasih kerana memilih

It is bizarre- I have this sensation of having been here for days. "Here" being Kuala Lumpur airport. Time has lost its meaning in a strange way. My watch is still on Los Angeles time, so I add three hours to that to get KL time. If I want Bangalore time, I add half hour. Quite a wonderful system- now if only I could still work it when it is time to get on that flight. Simply changing it to show local time would help, of course. But for some reason this annoys me and I will insist on my own little metric until I set foot in Bangalore again.
Speaking of which, I am dying with curiosity to see what our brand-spanking-new airport looks like! I am tempted to unkindly say that after KL, it might be a hard act to follow, but that is just the cranky time traveler talking. So I will just see for myself whether dear old BIAL, which I will fly into near midnight tonight, Friday the 13th no less, will live up to my hopes.
In other news, I now know the Bahasa Malaysia words for "toilet" and "exit." And as this post heading shows, a phrase on the seatbacks, which I have forgotten the meaning of. (Oh, what an awful sentence- up with this sentence I will not put!)
There are many shiny little stores selling Versace and Dior. (Outside one swank store I saw a six-foot tall stunning girl and a mannequin-like guy talking animatedly and swinging luscious leather bags- it turned out they were shooting some sort of commercial. Immediately, a gang of desi boys stopped to gawk.)
I am beginning to feel like that Navorski guy Tom Hanks played in The Terminal. What to do only? Maybe I will walk around and make sure that in the midst of all my time-zone trickery, I have not missed my flight.

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