Monday, July 07, 2008

The dog is on the table

Aside from my man Nadal's Wimbledon win, yesterday was also significant for another reason. Members of my old gang from college had a reunion, and a reunion on a massive scale. It involved planning and administration that would have done a military general proud; e-mails have been going around since July of last year. The guest list numbered more than a hundred from countries as far flung as Poland and Denmark. The venue- a small town in Brittany, northern France, no doubt will never be the same again. So now that the grand event is over, I look forward to the many pictures that I'm sure are soon going to surface on the Internet when someone Googles 'wild party.'
Too bad I couldn't make it. There was a teeny hitch- I needed to come back to BLR and look for an apartment. AND the little detail of my not having bothered to obtain a French visa. I suppose I should have tried- I could have charmed the French officials by saying "le chien est sur la table."


Anonymous said...

Feliz cumpleaƱos para ti.

~ Geminian

dm said...

Thanks very much!

Vinesh said...

(pardon my french)

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Hope you are doing fine.

~ Geminian

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