Friday, July 04, 2008

German Sheep

My Dad informs me that Tango is being formally charged with dereliction of duty. Why? When strangers approach our house, he welcomes them and enthusiastically escorts them to the front door. Far from being the fearsome beast as could be imagined from the rather ugly "Beware of Dog" sign, Tango is quite the charming host.
What to do? But we should have realized this when we saw that his favorite occupation is chasing butterflies all around the garden. Or when we noted his tendency to come and rest his face on people's knees and quietly leave after being petted on the head.
But since he is slavishly devoted to the father, maybe he will see reason if told to be fierce. After all, isn't he supposed to be territorial and fiercely aggressive towards strangers approaching his home?
Or maybe the father in his wisdom will use Tango's preferred Marie biscuits to bribe and train. We shall see.

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