Thursday, July 24, 2008

You call yourselves scientists?

Yesterday when I got home I spent a long time sitting on the sofa and just staring outside the window. Most of the view from the window is palm trees and the tops of rain trees, very pleasant. There is also a great patch of sky that has calmed down the claustrophobia I acquired while living in the shoebox, my former abode.
Now, yesterday evening there was a lightning show. Out of this one piece of steel-gray sky would emerge the most jaw-dropping bolts. The patches of cloud would light up to silver for brief moments, and then go back to that placid gray. And the palm fronds moved in sibiliant waves- it was enchanting.
However, I soon started thinking about lightning and again came to the realization that I know nothing about it. If a kid asked me, "what causes lightning?" I would have to shoo it away and tell it to go play.
Then, this morning, I got a sign that I am in elite company in my ignorance- I read this.
I feel vindicated.

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