Wednesday, September 03, 2008

You, there!

The other day I read an entertaining article about Pakistanis' usages of English that were very similar to our own Indianisms. One peculiarity I've discovered recently here in Bangalore is the practice of addressing a person based on his occupation. So, you have "Auto!" and "Security!" These are, admittedly, better than the idiotic "Bhaiya" I've been guilty of using quite frequently.

What about the vegetable cart guys that come around every morning to sell to the nightie-clad housewives? I wonder if they are addressed as the Kannada word for "vegetables." I don't know if it's that generic or based on the particular veggie they are selling.

Speaking of Indian English, poor J has, in light of my constant Ingliss, started saying things like "where it is?" and "what I'll do?" Hmm.

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