Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ding dong, the rain is gone

After being nearly drowned, twice, in the deluge of last week, the sunshine and blue skies have come as a life-saver. My father and I both suffer from severe crankiness if the sun doesn't shine at least 4 days out of 7. One can well imagine my ghastly state of mind, seeing that Bangalore has been grimly Scotland-like in its demeanor for the past so many weeks. Thank God we don't have bagpipes- frightening, that.
The rain does have its little entertainments, though. Stuck in a teeny corner video rental store, I could see an electric pole just outside slowly smoking, sending up ominous little curls every few minutes. To divert myself from thoughts of impending death by electrocution, I focussed on people. One girl walked by in bare feet, splishing merrily in the flowing rapids on the sidewalk. On the opposite street, a man on a scooter delivered one of those steel thermoses full of hot tea to a bunch of guys stuck in a shop. Then a bevy of college-age girls trooped past, soaked and chattering. The tea-drinking boys suddenly fell a little silent as they watched this onslaught of drenched females float past- the laws of nature, plainly evident. I also half-expected one of the girls to start flinging her dupatta about, wriggle and sing- and the Director would then shout, "nahi, nahi, aur thoda jhatka do!"

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Friends said...

Strange. I saw all these sights as well; on a rainly evening in Bangalore, at that. Looks like you had a pretty nice evening...pani puri would've sealed the deal, for me. College-age girls, you say?

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