Friday, October 17, 2008

Do not adjust your monitors

Idle tv-surfing gem: the promo of a new film titled-- wait for it--- Karzzzz. It stars Himesh Reshammiya. Instead of covering half his face with a baseball cap, he now uses his own hair for the same purpose. So the gem I witnessed was him singing a song titled--wait for it-- Tandoori Nights.
This is true. And, his heroine is the indefatigable Urmila Matondkar. Squirming under infra-red lights in a disco and pouting heroically to Tandoori Nights, she and the shiny-haired Himesh provided me much mirth; and more importantly, reassurance that our film-stars do after all have a sense of humor and are so willing to make fun of themselves.

Then a cruel blow struck. A few days later I saw Himesh talking about this very song in a serious interview and describing the creative process behind ta-tana-nana-tan-doori-nights, tan-doori this means it was not a joke.


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Vinesh said...

listen... karzzz is ruling the charts! tandoori nights is a classic!

haven't you heard the mindbusting lyrics that go..."if loving you was wrong, i dont want to be right...rabba rabba meri jaan jale"???

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