Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Grey's, once daily

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A new addiction has surfaced. It's Grey's Anatomy, M to F 10am. Ah, the pleasures of daytime television! Earlier when this show aired weekly, I didn't really get into it. It seemed more to me like a who's sleeping with whom kind of thing, thinly paraded as a medical drama. On closer inspection now, though, it's more than that, that still being a major component.
I've always been sort of drawn to medical shows. The intricacies and complex workings of large hospitals fascinate me, not to mention an abiding fascination for surgeons themselves. It helps if it's a brain-surgeon. I have...er...a personal connection with them. Anyhow, Grey's has a brain surgeon in attendance, whom the title character, Meredith Grey, has famously named McDreamy. Now McDreamy is married, not to Grey, but these two are in love. Then there are Meredith's roommates, diffident George and the wholesomely pretty Izzy.
Christina Yang is another intern, who is having an affair with the resident cardiologist- Dr. Burke. Now despite the wavy-haired, green-eyed presence of McDreamy, I find that the real hottie is this Burke. Ha! For once the brain surgeon takes second place. And my joint favorite is the interns' boss- one Dr. Miranda Bailey. She is short, grumpy, taciturn and always has the perfect put-downs for anyone and everyone, any time of the day. I love her!
Now that I've watched long enough to figure out the basics, the addiction grows.
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