Thursday, October 09, 2008

I have some news

The unemployed life is quite sweet. Suddenly there are many hours in a day, opening up before me each morning. Pleasures like going to the gym when I am the only person there. Walking on the sidewalks when there is least traffic. Drinking tender coconut on the side of the road listening to the conversations of the employed- their company ID tags (shudder) around their necks, their phones ringing, their watches ticking. Converting alcohol bottles into charming vases and buying orange gerberas to fill them with. Yes, indeedy.

"I'm afraid I have some news for you."
"Yes, doctor?"
"You may never work again."

"You mean, like, I may never go to an office again?"
"It looks like it, I'm afraid."


Friend said...

Classic case of 'sour grapes' :-p

dm said...

Sour grapes for whom- you or me?

Vinesh said...

enjoy it while it lasts..

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