Saturday, October 11, 2008


A couple of news items that stuck in my mind from the last couple of weeks. The picture of a German man who had a rare arm-reattachment surgery, on both arms. The man's smile was a radiant beacon of joy. What an amazing achievement! To reattach a person's two arms with such skill that he gets his life back! My admiration of surgeons continues.

Then, the embarassing media frenzy over poor old Big B being hospitalized with a stomach ache. Worse, it happened on the poor dear's birthday. Bas, the media literally tripped over themselves to get the best shot of the patient being carted off to the hospital accompanied by his son and daughter in law. I saw the clip of this. My God, it was horrifying. We sure have strange ways of showing our 'love' for these film stars, by suffocating them to such an extent that carrying on their daily lives becomes impossible for them. And come on, Bacchan is now an elderly man. Can't we at least let him go to the hospital in peace?

And the sad case of Sowmya Vishwanathan. A 25-year old TV producer in Delhi who got shot in the head on her way back home. What kind of city is this? Then again, it's not the city that matters. The pictures of the young woman that appeared in the newspaper were strangely haunting. A dazzling smile, full of life. I thought about her for a long time.

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Vinesh said...

young people who die young seem to have that effect on me too..

Aarushi being another one in recent times..

i have also been surprised by people looking at my pictures and telling me i looked so happy and full of joy (yes it's happened) in them, when i was probably contemplating *cough cough* quite the opposite..

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