Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Overall, my opinion is that this is an average movie. Perhaps the first thing that bothered me about it is that Priyanka Chopra simply did not strike me as very suitable to play a ramp model, I don't know exactly why. Maybe it's her 'face-cut', as they say. And as the movie progressed, I found it increasingly difficult to be okay with the constant close-ups of her bee-stung lips being flung at me.
So that apart, it's a simple enough story. Priyanka plays Meghna from Chandigarh who comes to Mumbai against Daddy's wishes to make it big in the modelling world. As she puts it, she wants to be a 'supermodel', a label that I've always found vaguely asinine. Anyway, she does make it big. She lands a contract as the face of a major fashion brand. The owner of this brand, played by Arbaaz Khan (looking vaguely like Roger Federer) kindly gifts her a sea-view apartment and they promptly make the place their love-nest. Soon, things begin to go wrong, as they must. Meghna is apprehended for drunk driving, has an abortion, tries drugs and sleeps around, loses her main contract, loses her mind, and then makes a comeback.
There are several gay men thrown in. The most convincing one, Rohit- although he was quite sweet, I didn't understand his relationship to Meghna. Then there is Kitu Gidwani and one Mugdha someone who are quite good in supporting roles. But as usual, it was Kangana Ranaut that sort of stood out. Her performance was better than the main heroine's, if I may say so. Except for her iffy diction- especially when she shouts "You bastard!" at least 8 times in the film- she does a good job.
So, as I said, it's an average film. But after so much face time with Priyanka Chopra, this is one more good reason I will not have the stomach for Dostana.

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Vinesh said...

the movie gave me the impression that the gay population in the whole of India is concentrated in the fashion industry!

by the way, Life in a Metro was directed by Anurag Basu, not Madhur Bhandarkar.

have you watched Madhur's Page 3. i really liked it.

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