Thursday, February 19, 2009

I have always been notoriously unimaginative about naming things. Take, for instance, the first pet I can remember having- a dog named, what else, Doggy. Although no one in the family has directly accused me, I am positive it can have been no one else who named that unfortunate creature. And now, the latest semi-pet in my life is a dog named Eyes. This is because he has the most striking and singularly amazing pair of peepers I've ever seen. Eyes is master of his own destiny and comes and goes into our lives as he pleases. He will leap and nuzzle if he is in a good mood, or hungry. He openly grimaces if you give him food that he doesn't approve of, like plain dog food. If it involves meat, he approves.
Then there is the black and white mutt who has a way of cocking his head and keenly observing the German Shephard in the neighbor's house. I tell you, it's almost human. So I've named him IQ. The other day I caught IQ deliberately aggravating the German Shephard and then running away to hide around the corner. I'm surprised I didn't see him snickering behind his paws. Oh, the poor German Shephard is called Rocky, by the way. (Maybe I should come up with something more fitting, no? Smirk.)
And the last canine of note is one shaggy thing I've seen lolling in the park under the flowering trees. He has a beautiful, luxuriant caramel-colored coat. And he has a big head. So he is now known as Bighead Todd.

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