Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Delhi 6

This movie is one of those that has its heart in the right place- it's well-intentioned, well-acted and has a host of likeable characters. However, the central theme of the movie is--er-- I don't quite know. It ends up being a bit of a forced mish-mash of themes and painfully obvious cliches.

Abhishek Bachchan (widely panned for his 'fake' accent) is an NRI who brings back his ailing Dadi to her old haveli in Delhi's Chandni Chowk. And that is all the plot there is. From there on, it's a melange of characters, observations, and situations. This is all fine- there are a number of really sweet and memorable performances by many actors who are under-rated. Then, there is Sonam Kapoor. Since I refused to see her debut-Saawariya- this is the first time I've seen her in a movie. And she is really pretty great. She's radiant and doesn’t try too hard. But what is she to do with a character that’s just one of so many? One ends up feeling unsatisfied at this treatment.

With a grand theme like communal harmony, which is what it’s ultimately about, the director could have chosen a more subtle metaphor than the ‘monkey-man menace’ one that he used. (There is a half-man half-monkey beast that is supposedly terrorising the streets of Delhi and people and news channels are all agog with this sensational occurrence.) Ok, but, I mean, come on. When Abhishek first lands in India and sees a news item about the ‘kala bandar’, it seems amusing and conveys a sense of the bizarre that is quite routine in India. But then, it goes on and on. And on. The whole film is taken over by this rather inane and irritating character/situation/device. And the climax? I am still utterly flummoxed about why Abhishek does what he does.

Overall, Delhi 6 could have been a much better film. It falls short. And the worst moment is Abhishek saying earnestly, “India works! The people make it work!”

Yes, my friend, thank you for telling us that.


Vinesh said...

throughout the movie, it felt like i was either watching a bunch of ads/documentaries for NFDC or some bizarre Ramleela tv serial. crime to have wasted Rahman's music on this mess of a movie! in a bad movie like this, a guy could at least do with some eye candy. Sonam Kapoor - arghh!!

dm said...

A girl could do with some eye-candy too. There is none, Abhishek looking throughout like he needs a haircut, and frankly, also aargh-inducing.

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