Friday, March 13, 2009

Two copies, nine triplicates, matte not glossy, back to back!

All my ineptitude at paperwork has re-surfaced, and how. Last week, it was during the application process for something called a PIO card for J. Now this PIO itself is a funny thing- it stands for Person of Indian Origin. But what is distinctly unfunny is the lack of clarity about the application process itself- coupled with the fact that we dragged our feet a bit and put things off. Now we don't know if we made it on time. We'll just have to wait and see.

And this week there's been more paperwork. Things have been so bad that I will break into hives if I hear the word 'Xerox' ever again. I tried to get some photocopies yesterday. What a fool I was! People, as usual, tried to cut in front of me in line (what line?) and I snapped at them.The Xerox boy kept mumbling something about back-to-back copies.  Three or four discussions later, he finally deigned to place my papers on the Xerox machine. Immediately, there was a power cut.

AND I tried to get visa photos that were matte not glossy- the audacity! I was prepared for some level of frustration but not this. God! Ultimately J kindly took me out to dinner where I ranted on and on about how I would kiss the tarmac when we landed at that foreign airport. Sigh.

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