Sunday, November 08, 2009

Gobble gobble

With Thanksgiving around the corner, J got into the spirit of things and decided to roast a turkey. Of course, this meant actually finding a turkey to roast; and as with the simplest things in Bengaluru, this task has taken on the mystic charm of an old-fashioned treasure hunt.

There is that mad vet who used to take care of my ex-roomate's dog, I remembered. He had a turkey farm on the side. But getting his number would be a challenge. We also tried the mundane option of asking at the supermarket. Not convinced by the wishy-washy answers, J made inquiries with a co-worker of his, known to be a resourceful type. This young fellow and J met at work one day to discuss this- they talked in low whispers and vague terms, all with the intrigue and drama of two drug dealers. Then a few days later, young fellow announces that he has managed to get a friend of his, who incidentally goes by the name of Tango, to recommend us to another friend who can get us a turkey.

So tomorrow I will have the task of calling this other friend- who knows what his name is? Charlie? Delta? ...anyway, I suppose all this hunting around will be worth it. J is a good roaster of birds and I've never co-hosted Thanksgiving before.

1 comment:

Vinesh said...

Charlie, Delta..? LoLoL!

I overheard the drug dealing. Actually.. I think everyone did! Someone is now called the Turkey Guy!

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