Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All is forgiven

The title of the last post reminded me of something that brings me much joy these days- it's the new shampoo commercial by Aishwarya Rai.

She walks, nay, swaggers, into the frame in a dangerous red dress, brimming with purpose. "I'm here to save the world," she begins, adding somewhat anti-climactically, "from hair damage."

Then some computer-generated jiggery-pokery about hair fall and the FIVE signs of hair damage. Then Ash reappears, making vigorous signs for ONE and TWO with her hand. By this point I've derived enough mirth from this entire little skit, but wait, she isn't done yet. No, she finishes off her mission to save the world by narrowing her eyes and chirping, in an accent somewhere between here and Los Angeles, "grrrrrrrls, you're worrrrrth it!"

I must admit, though, that the shampoo is actually pretty darned good. Yes, I confess, I bought it. How could I not? How could I ignore the FIVE signs of hair damage that I so clearly suffer from? So, at the next outing to the store, I furtively grabbed both the shampoo and the conditioner- and found that the miracle potion actually does its job quite well.

All is forgiven, Ash! Even if the commercial makes me laugh until I collapse to the floor in a fit, I will concede that your mission to save the world is actually working!


Friend said...

Even at this moment the marketing and media planning folks are probably saying, "Ha! That's one more soul! Phil will be pleased."

dm said...

Ah, but what's a soul, compared to shiny hair? I'd like to see Phil's hair, in fact!

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