Friday, March 26, 2010

Battling Sandras

Bengaluru has a vast variety of juicy names for its thousands of localities. But for some reason, I take particular delight in the ones ending with "sandra." And there are quite a few! It has now become a little hobby of mine, a collection, if you will. So I have Singsandra, Hongasandra, Bommasandra, the twins Jakkasandra and Lakkasandra, and the winner of the contest- the vaguely fun-sounding Tippasandra. This morning I discovered another one, to my great joy- Veerasandra.

Incidentally, I do not like the name Bengaluru itself. In my infinite wisdom, I pointed out that it will cause confusion to foreigners- BENGALuru? Is this in West Bengal? Where is Uru? My suggestion was that they have it as Bangalore in English and Bengaluru in Kannada. If Paris can be Parree in French, and Munich can be Munchen in German, and so on, Bangalore can jolly well be Bangalore in English, can it not? But no one listens to me.


Vinesh said...

Check out this blogpost:

Big list of 'sandra's in the post and a few more in the comments section :-) You have a new list to pick a favourite from!

dm said...

Haha, thanks for the info, Vinesh. I also should have mentioned my liking for Hallis, Palyas and Gudis.

Friend said...

Oh dear God! Do you see what Shri Horanadu bar and restaurant is named after?

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