Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Girls, you're worth it!

It's that time again when I feel the urgent need for a vacation. Yesterday J merely said the word "Bahamas" and I jumped up and down many times and banged my fist on the table, shouting, "CAN WE GO NOW? CAN WE? CAN WE?" But, I digress. Since there is no Bahamas in sight, one must content oneself with travel magazines.
And so I did. However, 'content' was not quite the word that sprang to mind while reading this particular one. For one, their suggestions for hotels all began around the USD 700 mark. Per night. Then, their Travel Must Haves for the Savvy Woman included a 'versatile, chic' dress for Rs 15,000, a smart purse for Rs 48,000, and then a pair of cute ballet flats, which were priced at the shudder-inducing "On Request." So, I was thinking, if I were to travel wearing or carrying all of these little items, I would be equivalent to the down payment for a small house.
Sigh. What can one do? Nothing. Except, as a member of the public, express one's opinion. Mine will be in the form of a letter to this posh rag, consisting of just three words: Phooey to you!

1 comment:

Friend said...

I was not asked along on this Bahamas trip and therefore, madam, I take affront. Phooey to you, as well!

And regarding this need for a vacation, I know of this hill station not far from you...but I draw the line at hugging the WC.

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