Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey, I'm a gypsy too...I want my OWN video!

So! This is what Rafael Nadal does in his spare time. Make out with …I mean, star in videos for Shakira! I see. Actually, I did watch it as soon as I found out that the video, for a song called La Gitana (The Gypsy) existed. Rafa with Shakira! It almost made me want to say OMG.
I also watched a short clip of Shakira talking about the reasons behind her decision to cast this particular boy in her newest video. She spoke earnestly about moving around so frequently that it makes her feel like a gypsy, and how Rafa also moves around so much, what with being one of the world’s top athletes and all, and how she felt he would represent this facet of her life…and so on.
If I were her, that conversation would have gone something like this:
Self to video-casting-person: That Rafael Nadal- he is cute! I want him in my new video. Bring him to me!


Friend said...

(A) Nadal looks better in the video than in real life...yup, I'm no fan of the man.
(B) Certain parts of that video where Nadal & Shakira laugh together...that seems rather natural. I liked that.
(C) Shakira...hehehe

dm said...

There were parts where they laugh together? I gues I wasn't paying attention to ..uh..those bits.

Shakira, hehehe indeed. Is that you dissolving into giggles as a way of expressing your gooey-kneed appreciation?

Friend said...

Indeed. That woman sure is fine.

That hypocritical bird! I've had to put off my attempts for a bit. I cannot appreciate being mocked, least of all by the feathered fiends. I believe I was getting there.

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