Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hv fn!

The parents are late entrants to the world of the Short Messaging Service. In short, they don’t care much for the texted word. At least, they didn’t; and now, as I said, they have entered its wonderful portals. To fully cooperate with the shortage of time in everyone’s lives, my sweet mother sends messages that go something like this: “wht u dng? Me stg hm, lzg ard. Wt fn!” This sweeping elimination of the vowel has led the Father and us to greet each other verbally (in her absence, with much snickering) like this: Gd mrng! Cn I hv sm T?
The Father is not entirely blameless in his sms-ing, either. No, his messages, well-vowelled though they may be, are festooned with every smiley known to man. So, in keeping with his usual weather discussions, he will say: “Very hot here. Temp 40 deg. 84 pc humidity! :-) :-/ :-P :->”
I now feel compelled to send them a message of my own. Today being the day they complete several scores of decades of wedded bliss, I say: Hpy Anvrsry! Hp u hv a fn dy! :-) :P :->


Anonymous said...

how do u do?

Vinesh said...

So sweet!!!

Very cute when parents/grandparents try to keep up with the times. I remember when my mom returned from Computer 101 training in her office one day and proudly announced "I opened Windows today".

Ambrosia said...

:) :D how times have changed. I am tempted to peek into the future and check what more lies ahead!

dm said...

True, Vinesh. It also reminds me of my grandmother who would actually e-mail me.
And, Ambrosia, I think the next step would be the parents' generation being on Facebook or something!

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