Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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The newspaper has delivered the news that Sunday was the hottest day here in the past 25 years. And no wonder, we all went about panting like dogs and wilting. This, in the face of regular weather reports from the Father about the 43 deg. temperatures there.
So it was a pleasant surprise, that when friend and I decided to check out a new restaurant that evening, we found that it had a rather juicy little bar tucked away upstairs. This bar was done up in black and had these neat kitchen-island style tables in some kind of neon-lit marble. With barstools, which always gets many points from me. Anyway, friend and I were delirious with joy at how cold the place was, with its 17, 000 air-conditioners.
And then we had the drinks! While friend's was an expertly done Bloody Mary, mine went by the rather risque name of G-spot, and was a revelation. It consisted of peach juice, vodka, Sprite, and then the kicker: a vodka-infused green chilli. My ideal drink, for sure. It was pleasant, to say the least, to make all these discoveries in one go and be so cold at the same time. And then, to top it all, one of God's best creations: a friendly bartender!
Bar: B-52, 100 ft Road Koramangala.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

The sound of really loud thunder makes me happy.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

All good things

I feel the need for chocolate. Well, to be more precise, the need for a certain dessert my mother used to make when I was young.
There was one barbecue evening my parents hosted, one winter. After the kebabs and the hundred other things for dinner, we finally got to the part I'd been waiting for: dessert. This my Mom made by doing something to a tin of condensed milk; I know not exactly what, but I know that it takes a few hours to be ready.
And when it's ready? Imagine a thick, smooth, pearly cylinder of chocolate. That's what it was. It was still in the cylindrical tin that the condensed milk came in, and you had to skilfully cut it out and place it on your serving plate. And then pile it with cold sliced fruit, whipped cream, or whatever else...oh my God.
Also, I remember that evening one of the guests was this pesky little kid. He liked the dessert thing so much that for the remainder of the evening he followed my Mom around, tugging at her sari and whining, "Aunty, chaaaaaaac-let!"
So, although the memories of my Mom's unnamed chocolate-dessert-thing are pleasant, that whiny little shrimp also stars right alongside, every time. Sigh. One must take the bad with the good, I suppose. I can't deny that it's also exactly what I would have done today, had my mother been within sari-tugging reach. "Mummy, chaaaac-let!"
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Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Guava, photographed in BangaloreImage via Wikipedia
I love watermelons but dislike watermelon juice. Conversely, I dislike guavas but like guava juice. Friend has just written to say that he has a lovely scoop of guava ice-cream in his freezer. May Phil, the prince of insufficient light, darn him to heck!
This, just after I've discovered how refreshing (and pretty) a drink of guava juice is, especially in a crystal glass on a burning hot afternoon. And Friend is jabbering about guava ice-cream when I am in no way going to get anything remotely guava for the next seven years. That is to say, until I get home and to my own fridge. Gah!
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Monday, April 05, 2010


April, the cruellest month: the heat has rendered my brain addled and cliche-ridden. However, there is some solace to be had. Not only are the jacarandas in bloom, their friends, those light pink cherry-blossomy things that I think are cassias, are also out in full force.
It always cheers me up to see little lanes and by-lanes simply covered with flowers. Particularly, this one street that I pass each evening which specializes in stores selling aquariums (aquaria??). It's like a Hindi movie set. Should I start twirling around as shapely pink flowers plop on my head, waving my gym towel as a dupatta and using the street dogs as stand-ins for cute Swiss lambs?
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