Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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The newspaper has delivered the news that Sunday was the hottest day here in the past 25 years. And no wonder, we all went about panting like dogs and wilting. This, in the face of regular weather reports from the Father about the 43 deg. temperatures there.
So it was a pleasant surprise, that when friend and I decided to check out a new restaurant that evening, we found that it had a rather juicy little bar tucked away upstairs. This bar was done up in black and had these neat kitchen-island style tables in some kind of neon-lit marble. With barstools, which always gets many points from me. Anyway, friend and I were delirious with joy at how cold the place was, with its 17, 000 air-conditioners.
And then we had the drinks! While friend's was an expertly done Bloody Mary, mine went by the rather risque name of G-spot, and was a revelation. It consisted of peach juice, vodka, Sprite, and then the kicker: a vodka-infused green chilli. My ideal drink, for sure. It was pleasant, to say the least, to make all these discoveries in one go and be so cold at the same time. And then, to top it all, one of God's best creations: a friendly bartender!
Bar: B-52, 100 ft Road Koramangala.
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Friend said...

I thouht the 'Bomb' was rather nice as well. Green apple, vodka, tabasco and chilly was it? Unfortunate that the onion rings were a letdown.

Friend said...

Ha! Thought you'd have more to say on B52 now :-D

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