Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Guava, photographed in BangaloreImage via Wikipedia
I love watermelons but dislike watermelon juice. Conversely, I dislike guavas but like guava juice. Friend has just written to say that he has a lovely scoop of guava ice-cream in his freezer. May Phil, the prince of insufficient light, darn him to heck!
This, just after I've discovered how refreshing (and pretty) a drink of guava juice is, especially in a crystal glass on a burning hot afternoon. And Friend is jabbering about guava ice-cream when I am in no way going to get anything remotely guava for the next seven years. That is to say, until I get home and to my own fridge. Gah!
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Friend said...

Clearly Phil and his spoon visited my freezer. My ice-cream has been darned to heck :( I can't explain it any other way. The ice-cream which was perfect till then, was just runny mass post dinner.

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