Monday, April 05, 2010


April, the cruellest month: the heat has rendered my brain addled and cliche-ridden. However, there is some solace to be had. Not only are the jacarandas in bloom, their friends, those light pink cherry-blossomy things that I think are cassias, are also out in full force.
It always cheers me up to see little lanes and by-lanes simply covered with flowers. Particularly, this one street that I pass each evening which specializes in stores selling aquariums (aquaria??). It's like a Hindi movie set. Should I start twirling around as shapely pink flowers plop on my head, waving my gym towel as a dupatta and using the street dogs as stand-ins for cute Swiss lambs?
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1 comment:

Friend said...

One of these days the heat might just get to you, and then you'll be twirling around alright. Eyes and that motley crew as cute swiss lambs...HA!

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