Friday, June 25, 2010

Underdogs and others

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After le Implosion of Les Bleus, the rather uninspiring show by the Italians has left many, including non-football freaks like mois, scratching heads. What happened? Granted, the underdog Slovaks played a good game. After they scored, in fact, even the Italians did; they played and attacked like devils. I wonder why they didn’t all along. Well, the expression on the face of their coach said it all. The Italian flair was sadly lacking and they are already on the plane back home. I’m sure they will walk into a good thrashing and days of blistering news headlines.
Now, for my team- Spain. They are still in a lukewarm position. I have the horror of enduring a wait to see if they have even made it into the last 16. Mon Dieu! What a strange state of affairs! Is it the Mediterranean curse? If so, Portugal have neatly side-stepped it. They still run into Brazil tonight though, muahaha.
As for that other little thing called Wimbledon- what, in the name of waka waka, is going on here? Match after gripping match! There was almost another blistering headline in the making right in Round 1: FALLA FLUMMOXES FEDERER. But Fed Ex squeaked by. Then, two giants named Isner and Mahut played 50 billion points for 3 days, to make it the longest tennis match in the history of the universe. Then, in another bit of fright, RAFAEL NADAL was down a set in his 2nd Round match against one Robin Haase. (Is it the name Robin? Even Soderling has beaten Rafa.) So I was nervous and wracked with strain watching Rafa being made to work for it. To make matters worse, the TV channel cut off this match to resume showing us the next match: Denmark vs. Cameroon. Egad! Fortunately, this morning’s newspapers tell me that Rafa won after all, and even named the match “The Upset that Wasn’t.” Backing the Spaniards is turning out to be rather nerve-wracking, I see.
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