Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Girl and Shoe

To soothe my irritated soul, I will focus on other things. Things like these here shoes, or more properly, wedges. Espadrilles.
(No, I am not imagining how pleasant it would be to clonk certain people on the head with these solid, heavy things.) I am just wondering how, in old age, I have become that girl who takes pictures of her own (admittedly sassy) shoes and shows them to the world. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The case of the furious fig

A wooden chopping board with a chef's knife.
Today was one of those days when I find myself asking whether I am equipped to deal with people at all. Despite giving self several pep talks, doing some deep breathing, and allowing self to rant, I finally just gave up with a sort of hunched-over hopelessness. The thing is, I am contemptuous of people who won’t do their jobs to the best of their ability. I am disdainful of people who won’t communicate effectively. I cannot stand high-handedness. And the fact of the matter also is, if I need help from people who embody precisely these traits, then I had better buck up and train myself not to harm them, because, all said and done, I don’t want to go to jail for the sweet pleasure of releasing my frustration. So there it is. (Never mind wide-ranging incompetence and foolish cover-ups, it is I who must exercise restraint and be as sweet as the hostess of a tea-party for little girls.)

So, falling back on primeval instinct, I swept into the kitchen and began cooking and cleaning at a furious pace. Chicken in the fridge? Slap it all over with spices, throw in pan! Onions in basket? Rip skin, hack into pieces, and throw in pan with chicken! Scrub chopping board, knife, immediately. Scrabble in storage cabinet- wait, custard-mix! Grab milk, make custard, stirring the custard to an inch of its life. And so on and so forth, if you get my drift. At the end of it, there was not only an amazing, tasty dinner; there was also a jaw-droppingly delicious dessert with flavors of fig, cinnamon, orange and apple. The big problem in my life NOW, as opposed to earlier, is what to name this heavenly creation of mine. I think, given the circumstances, I will call it the WHAT THE FIG.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I hate celebrity storys...some of them, anyway

So! Penelope and Javier have done the deed- the two got hitched, secretly, a couple of weeks ago. It was so secret and received so little coverage, in fact, that I have forgotten when and where exactly.  To this, I can only say, congratulations. It is so refreshing to know that at least someone in filmdom chooses to do it this way. I woulda done it myself (not marry Javier, but my own husband, haw) if I really could. I used to talk about a small beach wedding and once my Dad's face lit up on hearing me, at the fact that he would have a very small bill to pay because I didn't want any jewelry!

I tire quickly of reading celebrity 'news' in general, but I did read something the other day that got me all riled up. Apparently Sonam Kapoor made a nasty remark about Shobha De because the latter said  unflattering things about the former's new movie I Hate Luv Storys. Now pardon me, for I have not seen this film, but how Sonam responded to De's critique was so juvenile and so patently the mark of an immature, spoiled and unimaginative brat, that I wanted to smack her right across the mouth. Apparently Sonam's dad gave her what we called a 'good dose': i.e, a good tongue-lashing. Now I roll my eyes when I see this dolled-up girl on the cover of every possible magazine. I'm so disappointed- I thought she had grace and substance that went beyond her beautiful face and dazzling smile.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Get out of my Face (book)

The Facebook Man. Facebook is celebrating its ...Image via Wikipedia

I have never understood why so many people are ‘addicted’ to Facebook. I read in the newspaper that people spend ‘hours’ on it, check it first thing in the morning (before brushing their teeth), update their status even while standing somewhere in a downpour, play endless games, answer mundane quizzes, and so on. Then there is the set of people who despise the very existence of Facebook, claiming it is a vapid, meaningless medium meant only for adolescents or for immature adults. As for myself, I am somewhere between these two groups. I like the tool for what it is- a quick, visual and personal way to stay in touch with those whom we may have otherwise lost to the vagaries of time and distance. I have plenty of friends whom I haven’t seen for years, yet, by being on each others’ lists, we still feel that we are aware in a very personal way of the other’s life. To me, that is very satisfying, and that’s why Facebook works for me.

However, there are also certain unique situations. Take, for instance, one friend who was also my roommate long ago. We were good friends, and in fact, I joined FB primarily because of her. Yet, as the years go on, I find myself shut out of this person’s life. E-mails, birthday wishes, phone numbers sent- everything goes unanswered. It has taken me so long to understand that we will probably never speak again- for reasons that are still unclear to me. The other day I went to her page, and was immediately struck by the strange and eerie feeling that I was stalking her. I wonder what I should do. Should I remove her from my list? I don’t want to. On the other hand, I also like the idea of removing those names from my page that no longer have any meaning in my life- a sort of de-cluttering, if you will. I still haven’t reached a conclusion on what to do.
Then there is the other friend who mysteriously disappeared from my list. (Like an ass, I asked to add the person again, which request is still in limbo). I was not invited to their wedding. My phone call went unanswered. My birthday, for the first time in the many years of our close friendship, was forgotten. (And yet, I don’t get the message! I must be daft!) I fully understand the changed circumstances of this person’s life and am not being in the least judgmental. Still, there is that thing called integrity- a value that I know this person holds very dear. Sometimes, integrity means saying the things that need to be said, however painful. Silence, in this case, is not golden, and tells me that you do not consider it worth the effort, nor have the courage, to put a dignified end to a relationship that you feel is no longer relevant.

I’m fully aware that in the natural ebb and flow of life and friendships, these are but two twigs that got carried away by the waves. But I also like to think that I know how to value the good relationships in my life - and it saddens me when all I can do is stand on the shore and watch them float far away, out of my sight.
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

THESE boots aren't made for walking....

And what better than a pair of juicy red shoes?

Every girl should have one!

I will be celebrating my 80th birthday in these. Or, in something even redder and shinier.
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