Monday, July 26, 2010

I hate celebrity storys...some of them, anyway

So! Penelope and Javier have done the deed- the two got hitched, secretly, a couple of weeks ago. It was so secret and received so little coverage, in fact, that I have forgotten when and where exactly.  To this, I can only say, congratulations. It is so refreshing to know that at least someone in filmdom chooses to do it this way. I woulda done it myself (not marry Javier, but my own husband, haw) if I really could. I used to talk about a small beach wedding and once my Dad's face lit up on hearing me, at the fact that he would have a very small bill to pay because I didn't want any jewelry!

I tire quickly of reading celebrity 'news' in general, but I did read something the other day that got me all riled up. Apparently Sonam Kapoor made a nasty remark about Shobha De because the latter said  unflattering things about the former's new movie I Hate Luv Storys. Now pardon me, for I have not seen this film, but how Sonam responded to De's critique was so juvenile and so patently the mark of an immature, spoiled and unimaginative brat, that I wanted to smack her right across the mouth. Apparently Sonam's dad gave her what we called a 'good dose': i.e, a good tongue-lashing. Now I roll my eyes when I see this dolled-up girl on the cover of every possible magazine. I'm so disappointed- I thought she had grace and substance that went beyond her beautiful face and dazzling smile.

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Friend said...

Ha! A small beach wedding brought the Marina beach to mind. Imagine a wedding surrounded by hawkers, and bajji and chaat stalls etc. I can picture the two of you there...especially him :-D

dm said...

Perfect- we could throw bhajjis instead of confetti.

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