Sunday, August 15, 2010

Grey skies and green shoes

Just back from the Dastakar crafts show at Palace Grounds. In keeping with my general motto today was, of course, the last day of the show. Still, the sister and I had grand fun strolling around all the 100+ stalls, buying this and that, and eating chilli bhajjis. Then we came home and had tea and more snacks, so yes, an ideal Sunday.
To come to the actual thought that I was having while there, it was good to see this profusion of Indian arts and crafts on Independence Day. There were luminous silks from Chattisgarh, intricately worked Kantha from Bengal, adorable pottery from Uttar Pradesh, and mood-lifting floral fabrics from all over. The sheer diversity of Indian crafts and the incredible workmanship is certainly something to be witnessed- a melange of heritage, labor and pride. The display of colorful pottery laid out in the middle of the grounds was attracting a good number of shutterbugs with fancy cameras- I felt sad that I hadn't carried even my little point-and-shoot.

I came home a rather happy Indian, with handmade soaps smelling of mint and coffee, two sunny, painted ceramic jars, and some of that mood-lifting floral fabric. The soap is individually wrapped in thick brown paper, lableled, and sold by a charming elderly lady with impeccable language and a sweet manner. I always delight in things that are well-made with a lot of thought put into them, are simple, and SMELL GOOD on top of everything else. Sundaram Soaps is the brand, and I have a feeling my Creamy Mint soap is going to be a superior product.
And -ta da, green shoes! I think this is a first for me. I hope when I wear these that the aura I give off is 'pride in Indian workmanship' and not 'failed elf.'
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Kate said...

Those shoes look like they'd be perfect for a Sunday afternoon!

Friend said...

Watch out for nails. These shoes invariably have nails sticking up.

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