Friday, August 06, 2010

The Happy Hound

Our street, brilliant for its dogs, has produced one of the stars of J's and my life: a skinny, gingery, always-happy, waggy, smart, endearing creature with the most arresting pair of eyes we've ever seen- presenting--- drumroll----EYES!

Yes. The name might have been more clever, but look at him! He is sure to lift my mood (and my heart) when I walk home from work, bone-tired and blank. Suddenly, a snuffling sound, the patter of tiny paws, and I am greeted like the last friend in a cold and lonely world. Heart. Melt.

Here he is enjoying, with his customary gusto, a treat provided by J. This was down near our street; nowadays, he has taken to climbing all the way up and lying in wait for us right outside our door.

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