Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hopeful Readings

The Read n Fail scourge continues, unabated. The latest to fall by the wayside is John Fante's Road to Los Angeles. Although it had some thoroughly funny pieces of dialog, the rambling, or rather, the ramblings of an American teenaged boy simply didn't hold up my interest.
So to keep alive my faith in my own choice of book, I plunged into something drastically different- namely, Charlie Wilson's War. I figured it might as well be non-fiction if it's about something interesting like foreign affairs. Neither have I seen the movie, so I have high hopes here.
Then, Saul Bellow's Herzog. The opening line certainly drew me in, so again, high hopes. And finally, Somerset Maughm's The Razor's Edge.  In this case, I have seen the (brilliant) movie version starring a young Bill Murray, therfore, more high hopes. Sigh. Don't let me down, Saul and Somerset.

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