Saturday, August 21, 2010

See you

Horrors! The Lake of Serenity hides terrors of hideous proportions! In other words, J's dad informs us that an alligator was found in this limpid lake, at which we stared for many blissful hours each morning over cups of coffee. What's worse, a water mocassin created a ruckus in the swimming pool, at which pool too we spent many hours each day. And then (to use a hopelessly inappropriate phrase), as the icing on the cake- another snake in the actual house! What is it with this sudden infestation of reptiles? Can there be no peace on earth? All I can say is that I am glad all these alarming visitations didn't occur while I was in those parts. My heart is too faint for all this.
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Friend said...

I do agree that being in a pool with a water mocassin would be rather disturbing, especially given that snakes are good swimmers. However, you can't hold it against a snake that's merely feeling the heat and wants a quick dip. Nor can you begrudge an alligator for preferring one beautiful lake more than another. Stop building on their property I say. Hoot!

dm said...

Yes,I agree. Also, I reiterate that I am glad that I WASN'T THERE WHEN THE ALLIGATOR AND ALL THE SNAKES VISITED.

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