Tuesday, September 14, 2010


If you are coming from this tournament...Image by mirsasha via Flickr
And Rafa did it! I just finished watching the US Open final, where Rafa had to beat down a spirited Novak Djokovic. To give him due credit, the sweet Serb did wage an inspiring battle against the fearsome Nadal, making him work pretty hard.
Strangely, I couldn't muster up enough interest in this tournament this year- in fact the high point was reading about Rafa's new shorter haircut. Hmm. Now of course I think I should have followed the matches more closely. Still, watching the final was good fun. Both played a strategic match rather than just the thunking, beastly bore-fests that I dread with the big servers. Now to look for the press conference. Rafa's eyebrow-raising and faltering English is almost as good as watching him play.

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