Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wrightey goes to the Emerald Isle

Gammaduwa in Sri LankaImage by ImageBang! via Flickr
Ian Wright has a new show - Out of Bounds. After his tour of America in ‘The Wright Way’ this show sees him venturing him into destinations that might be considered out of bounds for the conventional traveller, whether by reasons of politics, natural disaster, war, or other reasons.
So far, I have seen him going to Cuba- the country has always intrigued me so it was a pleasure to see Wrightey going around not only in crumbling, strangely exotic, music-filled Havana, but also to other lesser-known parts of the country. In one notable segment he visits the famed Camaguay ballet company, and, of course, does a twirl or two in leotards.
Last night he was in Sri Lanka. And he loved it! He did everything from toddy-tapping to cricket, from a spot of billiards in an elegant club to fooling around on a beachside Hindi movie set; a vacant-looking Nisha Kothari didn’t look too impressed with his assistance, though.
Overall the show is a fine showcase of Wrightey’s trademark willingness to just jump in there and do it all. I did find the show a tad strangely edited, though. And the lack of maps made me wish that they did have one- maybe we are just used to the Globetrekker format. My mind is leaping to his other possible destinations- I know he did Caracas, supposedly one of the most dangerous, crime-ridden cities, but what’s next? Lhasa? Now that would be something. Though I would also be happy with Thimphu or Astana.
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