Thursday, October 07, 2010

Yes and No

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The topic of integrity in the context of social situations is one that intrigues me. It’s not the power of a good white lie I am talking about- we all know social life would be unbearable without that good little lubricant. No, it is the art of follow-up that has me thinking today.
Of late, I have been in the position where I’ve needed to ask people a certain question. The answer to which might involve their asking another person the same question, at the most. What confounds me is, not one of these people has reverted to me with the answer. Mind you, if they don’t know the answer, all they have to do is ASK someone who WILL know.
But, all I get is, “I will get back to you.” If the answer is negative, I want to know. If it is positive, I want to know. To me, it is a simple give and take interaction which really shouldn’t be taking up so much of my brain space here. But apparently my expectations are too high.
Why the question of integrity in social situations came up is that if the answer to my question is negative, it in no way affects our social relationship. Not at all. There are no repercussions here, no heartbreak, nothing awkward. Then why the silence, why the brush-offs, why the deplorable lack of integrity? I think I am losing my faith in the grand social structure that everyone calls the “Network.” It ain’t working for me, clearly.
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