Saturday, October 09, 2010

Thou shalt not steal

I have learned that in view of our impending visit, the Father has issued veiled threats about how his collection of fancy glasses will be under lock and key. This change in policy has been implemented after he was singed by his hospitality to his offspring last year, when we coolly made off with four beautiful Czech crystal glasses.
Also, we were informed, a pre-emptive report would be lodged with the police. Seeing as the cops in that neck of the woods have so little to actually do, this might be more effective than his lock-policy. Hmm. What to do? How to ensure another batch of exquisite glassware? I rather had my eye on that cute set of shot glasses.
This calls for a serious plan- so far I have only scoffed and laughed evilly at this latest edict of the Father’s. There is also that ferocious sniffer dog to contend with. I may have to fall back on last year’s plan- just asking the Father for said glasses. Ha.
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Friend said...

Talk of glass and the Father makes me cringe with memories of one broken coffee maker glass. I wouldn't be too concerned about the sniffer dog...couldn't find his buried squeaky steak. I'm the only one who knows. Hmm I didn't know there was this sort of pilfering going on. Perhaps I ought to try my hand too.

dm said...

I will let our gracious hosts know about this. Har har.

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