Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pop goes the prince

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So, Prince William has done the deed- asked Kate Middleton to marry him. While this brings me much joy, proposal and engagement stories being of much interest to  me, it also made me want to see what these two are like as a couple. I clicked on a video link on the net and found them to be quite confident and with-it, in a kind of non-glamorous way: they have posh accents and are superbly dressed, but they seem to lack the kind of fustiness and pooh-pooh that I find so off-putting in the older royals.
Also, as always, despite my liking of engagement stories, I am annoyed at all the pressure the guy faces to pop the question. As though the girl just sits there and waits around, and then all that fuss about the ring. (Kate has scored a gorgeous one, though, SAPPHIRE to boot).
Now to end this rather pointless post, I propose the perfect match for the younger prince- Emma Watson. What a stroke of brilliance! Emma is young, talented, loaded, British, famous, and already has a special connection with the name Harry and with redheads! Now if only those two kids would hurry up and read this.
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