Sunday, January 09, 2011

Fists and words

A group of girls in Bangalore has done what I and doubtless many, many girls want to do almost everyday: beat up a man for making sexual advances. However, they still took the 'precaution' of adding a few boys to their group before they beat the man. I would have been just a tad happier if they had decided to complete the task themselves-no need for bodyguards. Still, the man apologized. Is this going to stop him from sexually harassing women for the rest of his life? No-one knows. But it's a start, and a much-needed one. There is a lot to be said for the power of a well-timed thrashing.
Now, I am well aware that the general, catch-all term for sexual harassment in this country is 'eve-teasing.' I don't know whether it actually exists as such in the Constitution, but really, it has GOT to go from our daily usage. Why not call it what it is? Why hide behind this twee, outmoded and patronizing term? EVE TEASING? Really? In the 21st century? Anything short of rape, and it's coyly termed eve-teasing. Please. Words have immense power. Let's start using them appropriately.

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