Sunday, February 20, 2011


It has been a relief to note that there are a few travel shows out there that do attempt to go beyond the bright-eyed, borderline overenthusiastic shilling that many travel shows often reduce to. The other night I caught Ian Wright in his new outing- Invite Mr. Wright- in Spain. Now, while I didn't watch the whole thing, what I did see was enough to bring joy to my heart. SPAIN. IAN WRIGHT. Pardon the shouting, but what's not to like? Sure enough, the Spaniards put on quite the show. The culmination was a performance in a magnificent church by a group of white clad Gypsy artists. Poor Wrightey had no choice but to admit that he was close to tears, and so was I.
Then there was an older chap on a show called Market Value where he traipses around in various markets. So he was in Istanbul, and who does he meet with but an ancient old charmer with a white beard and a fantastic accent, who happens to be a gramophone repair man. That's right. Oh my. Charm, vintage musical instruments, vintage crusty old man, exotic market- it was all quite wonderful.
My faith in television is slowly being restored.
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