Friday, September 20, 2013

Where are you?

Is mourning complete without knowing for sure that you have lost something? 
Our friend and companion of five years has left us. We think it was rabies...he showed up looking distinctly ill and suspect the last time we saw him. He stood looking at me for a second, then turned and ran off. We never saw him again. 
It has been four months now. One friend nearly convinced me that he had merely moved to another neighborhood and is alive and flourishing there. But my heart does not believe this. 
Most days when I step out of the door, I still look for tell tale signs of his presence. Most days when I walk back home, I can almost see him waiting under the street lamp, ready to career down the street towards me in greeting. 
In the days when he was well and happy and always around, life always seemed a little bit sunnier. The past few months have been hard for me, what with the endless dripping rain and the looming absence of this strange, happy-hearted creature who came to us out of nowhere and settled down in our lives. 
But, the universe in its wisdom, has decided to let the sun shine for the past few days. This has slightly lifted the burden of grief, but only slightly.


Friend said...

Perhaps they choose to leave before they truly break one's heart.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your friend...he probably had to move one. But I'm sure he remembers you and keeps you close to his heart...

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