Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Full reasoning

J has always had an astonishing collection of quotable quotes from our dear auto-drivers. However, the latest one tops them all.

He was recently stuck outside his office on a warm evening. Bear in mind, the sun was shining after many days, this is important. Finally after a long wait he spotted one guy who deigned to then stop.

When told of J's destination, he asked for Rs.20 extra. "Why?" asked J, dogged as usual. The answer? "Full hot!"

Now I wonder if this guy hasn't just struck the jackpot here in terms of homegrown wisdom and plain reasoning: I'm thinking I won't go to work tomorrow; if anyone asks why I can simply say, "Full early!"

And I can live happily ever after. Thank you, philosopher-auto-guy. You may also be the most optimistic man who ever lived.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nicely written...

I'm with you..."Full Tired"..."Full Burned Out"...etc...

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