Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The hopeful habit

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That crafty Nigella has done it again. Just when I had stopped thinking about her spotless white kitchen and fairy lights altogether, she caught me flipping channels at the moment she chose to talk about liqueurs. And she involved a bunch of luscious blackberries, proceeded to mash those up, and added meringues and cream to the mix! To quote Sheldon Cooper, "oh what fresh hell is this?"

As to why poor Nigella should conjure up images of hell, it is the rather grumpy mood I've been in since yesterday. I am facing countless obstacles in almost everything I do. And I don't have any blessed blackberries to mash now, do I, so how would I achieve anything to do with them like Nigella would have me believe it is so easy to do? And besides, the imbibing of a good glug of liqueur is something I fully intend to take up when I'm old, along with teetering red heels.

Well, perhaps this little tv segment I came across is actually a sign: the liqueur habit should probably be put off no longer. I can certainly foresee how a shot of something fruity and rich will soothe the frayed edges of a tiresome day. Hic!

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