Friday, October 11, 2013

This is why

One afternoon in Barcelona, J and I decided to rent bicycles. The light was like topaz as it slanted onto the smooth stone of the park we chose to ride them in, the breezy Mediterranean on the other side. J and I went on separate routes. Pretty soon I became aware, as I careened along, that these were among the happiest moments of my entire life. 

This is why I travel. To go in search of times when you step outside, not only of place, but of self. An ordinary day is lit with wonder when you simply ride a bicycle, because you have traveled so far to come to this very place, at this very time, to have this very experience. 

Later, it felt like poetic justice when we absurdly lost our cameras and never again saw any of the hundred photographs J had taken as I sailed heedlessly down those avenues. An afternoon like that can never be imprisoned in a 5"X 7" frame. Whoever stole that camera I hope recognizes what they have in their hands: a stranger's happiness, for eternity.

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