Monday, January 27, 2014

Boy, interrupted

Oh what happened yesterday? Where did this Stanislaus fellow come from? Pardon the wailing, but what happened yesterday? Was this not the Australian Open Finals?

To step back and look at the whole thing more logically, one must concede that this Stanislaus did produce some rather superb tennis right in the first set. In fact he managed to get the better of Nadal in clean, controlled and confident tactics. Rafa was caught off-guard, but it wasn't least not in the first set. 

And then in the second, Rafa suddenly got a back injury. And went off the court. And Stanislaus Wawrinka sat and argued loudly with the umpire. And Rafa came back, to loud booing from the crowd. I could hardly believe it even as it happened. The rest of that second set was sheer torture to watch, with Rafa moving listlessly and looking like he should be allowed to limp off the court. 

He revived somewhat in the third, at which point I could take no more of the stress and went off to wash my hair. By the time I came back, all was over. Wondrous Wawrinka was being handed the big shiny trophy and Rafa stood there looking like a child whose dog had just died.

Oh well.

Now the rest of my hellish week will no longer be redeemed by happy thoughts of my favorite man in the whole world (sorry, Javier Bardem) biting yet another Grand Slam trophy in front of the cameras. Instead, I will need to endure sarcastic jibes from those I have bored with my devotion to him...c'est la vie.

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