Monday, January 13, 2014

Golden Globes 2014

Awards season is upon us again. Never cared much for the actual awards, but for the past few years have been fairly interested in the red carpet fashion. I am all for not judging women by appearance alone, and far be it from me to make snarky comments on another woman's sartorial choices, but by Dior this fashion critic gig is just so much fun! 

So to begin with, a blast of color. Reese Witherspoon in her divine blue Calvin Klein just epitomizes simplicity and chic. There was nothing much to this dress, but that is the genius of the Klein label at its best. I love how the shade almost matches her eyes.

And then what can one even say about Helen Mirren?

When I am 68 I may be many things, but I certainly won't be going about in Jenny Packham gowns attending awards shows now will I. Ha. La Mirren just glows with the fun of it all. After all, it's a rather nice way to spend the evening, eh? Put on a delicately beaded confection of a gown in jade greens and soft blues, get an ace artist to do your makeup and hair, and then just glide around looking fetching!

From color to er...color. Sandra Bullock picked this tri-color Prabal Gurung frock. It's probably lost in translation a bit from the runway, but I still give the Bullock points for this because it's a bit different and she does look lovely and glowing. I am awaiting her choice for the Oscars with some eagerness; while I do hope she will look even better than this, this itself is quite nice if not spectacular.
Cate Blanchett in her Armani Prive: Thankfully it is not in one of those pale shades. The lacy details and that butterfly-like shape on the shoulders  make it interesting for me. Hair and face are utterly gorgeous, per the usual for Blanchett. She does look a tad displeased in this photo though doesn't she. I wonder if she got tired of all the camera flashes and just wanted to be home in her jammies.
And because Blogger doesn't let me arrange pictures how I want to in a single post, poor Melissa Rauch here must hang suspended awkwardly between the others. Still, she does look cute as a button. PLUS she is from The Big Bang Theory so I like her anyway. This difficult to pull off yellow shade looks perfect on her and shows off her enviable figure.

And finally, Juliana Marguilles in her Andrew Gn. The more I look at this, the more I like it. Black and gold is a great combination and the dress itself is so simple. This might even be my favorite of the night. 
I will also give honorable mentions to:
 Emma Watson for daringly turning up in a dress-from-the-front-pants-from-the-back creation in red and black.
Emma Roberts for her classic-chic black Lanvin and turquoise jewels.
Laura Dern for looking like a bronze bombshell in her Cavalli; 
and Lupita Nyong'o in regal red Ralph Lauren with a cape.

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