Monday, January 06, 2014

Step 1 marry, step 2 keep name

When I was younger I sometimes wondered if I would change my name when I married. (Then I got old and got married, and never gave it a thought.) Several months after the event, people would randomly ask about it, or even assume that I would change my name legally. 

Well. I suppose the purely practical part of me was so fed up with the tons of paperwork it took simply to marry my dear man, I knew I would never undertake anything so heroic as a name change. Ha! And besides, the usual voice in my head said, 'why should I change my name anyway? Because I now 'legally' live with a man, so he must automatically bestow his name upon me? Or must I, eternally grateful little woman, simply 'take' his name, doing away with the name I was born with?'

Perish the thought. So now it is many years later and I am much-married, and still no name change. Although I did mull the options. One was to hack off my last name, tack his on. No- his last name is rather military-sounding, however slightly. Did not want my goddess-like first name to be associated with jackboots and the like.The other option was to leave my last name on and tack his on, separating the two with a fashionable hyphen. This did have some charm, I'll confess. Even if it would serve only to compound my own problems in life by then causing me to always fail to fill in my name in the minuscule space they give you for names on any form in this country.

But the ideal would actually be to leave off both names altogether and come up with something completely different. The Spanish two-surname thing appeals to me. So henceforth, I will be known as D. Castillo-Garcia. Problem solved!

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Anonymous said...

LOL, you're hysterical AND an excellent example of a strong and independent woman (J should have considered taking your last name :-) ).

I forgot what J's last name is so you'll have to tell me sometime.

Btw, congratulations on the nail-biter win for FSU!!

Take care D. Castillo-Garcia (or should I say D. Bardem-Nadal)!

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