Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Springtime, France, birthdays

Alors! It is Roland Garros time again. But to my horror, I have just found that today is DAY THREE. What on earth has gone wrong with my brain? Did it go into some sort of Springtime idiocy mode? Anyhow, disaster has been averted because I am now fully clued in.

And what a marvelous piece of news I have just received- my dearest friend in the whole wide world has made it into the second round! How the mighty have fallen, though. Even though R.Nadal is still the nine-time champion here, this year I am ecstatic at his very first victory. Still, it was done in style. His opponent, one Sam Groth ranked 100, really got it in the neck. The score? 6-1, 6-1, 6-1. Ouch! Quelle horror for the poor Groth. At one point, after a particularly superb shot from Rafa, Groth burst out in his thick Aussie accent, "Oh get out of town, mate!"

That wasn't all. Rafa also executed a perfectly unbelievable return from between his knees, with his back to his opponent. As a headline somewhere on the Internet trilled, "Quel coup de genie de Rafa". I agree, whatever that means.

And so we progress. Of course I'm not much interested in tomorrow's play, since Rafa plays only on Thursday. But, inexplicably, these local sports channels don't seem to be covering the early rounds. Gah! Still, there's live streaming these days, I'm told. I'll have to resort to that, especially if the Rafster makes it to the third round. Allez, Rafa!

On a side note, how painful is it, you want to know, to be in love with someone you cannot have? To that I answer, "Extremely." Still, maybe I will get to see if they bake him a birthday cake this time too- his birthday falls smack in the middle of the tournament. Ha. 

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Anonymous said...

Seriously cannot believe you were 3 days late!! ;-)

Did you get the streaming thing figured out?

Btw, loved your write up...you're an amazing writer

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