Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stop all the bakeries, turn off the sweets

Rafael Nadal, with his left wrist in a cast, announces during a press conference that he is withdrawing from the French Open.
Oh Rafa. Just when things were going so well. 

In other words, the French Open just ceased to be interesting. If a minor wrist injury can cause R.Nadal to bow out of ROLAND GARROS, then I rest my case.

"Is not the end," he insisted valiantly at his press conference. Oh no? It's not? What about the rest of us who were counting on you to brighten up our lives at least for the next two weeks? Eh Rafa? Eh?

Apparently he played Round 2 with little injections to the wrist to dull the pain. Indeed, as he informed us, "if I keep playing gonna be broked next couple of days." Fine then. Be that way.

Sniff. Is that why I hurt my left hand so badly earlier today? I don't particularly care. Even stuffing face with s'mores in the middle of a pine forest at night did little to alleviate the shock. I hereby order all sweet things to stop being made. It's all of no use.

Next year then?


Anonymous said...

You are so funny, whoever you are.

Anonymous said...

Loved it...and was very sorry for your loss!

I have a very good idea how much this means to you and my heart goes out to you at this time of overwhelming grief and tragedy. We're here for you no matter what happens...don't forget that. We hope your hand heals quickly (you never said what happened to it...was it a sympathy injury?) and we're with you on the no-sweets thing (we'll stay off of it until you give the year then).

And again, our most heart-felt condolences at this time of such great loss.

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